Banzai – Online Financial Education Tool

MembersAlliance Credit Union is proud to bring you Banzai, the hands-on interactive financial education used by millions of teachers and students around the country, to you and your home, for FREE. Whether you're a teenager, a young adult, or more established but looking for educational tools and resources, you can experience real-world financial education in a fun, interactive way as well as access our library of tools and resources.

Our Commitment

Over the past 5 years MembersAlliance Credit Union has sponsored the Banzai program in area high schools. In that time we have been able to share this financial literacy program with over 3100 students at 16 different area schools. Nationally, Over 20,000 schools already use Banzai to teach real-world finance in the classroom. Now MembersAlliance is bringing not only its two popular courses, Banzai Jr. and Banzai Teen, but also Banzai Direct to your home at no cost! Banzai Direct is adult focused going more in depth into money management, retirement, home buying, debt consolidation, and more, all while providing a vast resource library with tools and calculators to help with money management. We partner with Banzai because of our shared belief in the importance of financial education and increasing financial literacy in both youth and adults.

How it works

Banzai, is designed to simulate what real-world finance is like. It is an interactive simulation that is all about trial-and-error. Users make choices and experience the consequences of their decisions in a fun and controlled environment. Unfortunately for so many of us, we have had to learn these hard lessons through real-world choices and deal with the consequences. With Banzai, we will be better informed and more importantly better prepared to make the right choices when the time comes. 

Banzai uses real-life examples to help teach concepts like budgeting, making money, expenses and even complex topics like insurance and credit. Banzai creates conversations and instills healthy attitudes toward finances at home. As individuals, both young and old, as well as families use the program, they'll learn tested money management techniques and skills and have the tools to answer their questions and shape their perspective.

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