Identity theft has been one of the top consumer complaints filed with the FTC for 16 years in a row, with millions of people losing their identities every year. The problem is only going to continue to grow. Over the past decade there have been successful data breaches targeting retailers, finance companies, medical providers, and a credit bureau…just to name a few. In an effort to help protect our members, we have partnered with LegalShield to offer you a top-of-the-line identity protection service, IDShield, which focuses on monitoring, protecting, repairing, and restoring your identity.


What is IDShield?

IDShield constantly monitors your identity for suspicious activity. If any fraud should happen, they take a full service, hands-on approach using Licensed Private Investigators to repair and restore your identity to pre-theft status.

With IDShield your identity is constantly monitored for suspicious activity and if any fraud does happen, they take a full service, hands on approach using their Licensed Private Investigators to repair and restore your identity to pre-theft status so you don’t have to, and you have access to the IDShield Vault at no extra cost.

IDShield is the only Identity Theft Protection service that provides one-on-one Licensed Private Investigators who stay with your claim until it’s resolved. Through the IDShield mobile app you have 24/7 support for emergencies and unlimited consultation as well as access to live alerts and updates. This all comes with a $5 million Service Guarantee which means they will spend up to $5 million recovering and restoring your identity to pre-theft status.

Why should you consider this?

Along with being one of the top consumer complaints on an annual basis, identity theft shows no signs of slowing and may intensify with the sizeable data breaches that have happened in recent years. Victims are spending an exorbitant amount of time dealing with it, and it can be more than a financial cost. In fact, less than 1 in 5 identity theft complaints are related to your credit or finances. Personal information can be used to falsify medical records, criminal records, create or use online or social media profiles and emails just to name a few. All of this creates stress and threatens to take time away from the things you should be focused on.

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