How and when will I receive my vehicle title (automobile/motorcycle, boat/watercraft, etc.) upon paying off my loan?

Please note, vehicle titles are no longer stored on location, and will not be available for pick up at the time of loan payoff without proper advanced notice. Titles can be released in the following ways:

  1. You may request your title be sent to any of our locations by a specific date with enough proper notice for the title to be on-site for pick-up at the time of payoff. Title will be released immediately only for payoffs using cash, internal transfers from MembersAlliance accounts, wire transfers, or cashier’s checks. Typically proper notice will constitute 1 business day with a minimum 24 hour notice for pick up at any of our locations.
  2. You may request your title be sent to any of our locations at the time of payoff. Title will be available for pick-up in 1-10 business days, depending on how final payment is made:

    1. 1 day: cash, internal transfer, cashier’s check, wire transfer
    2. 10 days: personal checks, money orders, other payments
  3. DEFAULT OPTION: Your title will be mailed to the primary address on your account after your loan is paid off. Title will be released along the same timeframe as above, based on the payment type, and mailed to your address on file. Titles are typically mailed approximately 10 business days from payoff.


How do I get in touch with someone from the Financial Care Team?

Our Financial Care Team is located off-site. To reach someone from our Financial Care Team you can send us a message here or call the main telephone number at 815-226-2260 and ask for assistance.


Are there any minimum insurance requirements if I have a loan on a vehicle? What MembersAlliance location address do I use for the lienholder?

Yes, members must have both Comprehensive and Collision coverage for the full term of the loan.  Maximum deductibles of $500.00 on each. 

Location Address to use for lienholder (loss payee):

MembersAlliance Credit Union

5286 Nimtz Rd

Loves Park, IL  61111. 


This is an administrative location and is non-transactional.