Save To WIn

When you Save to Win, you not only get a chance at winning up to $5,000 each quarter, and $1,000 each month, but you walk away with the deposits you made over the year – plus interest. A definite win-win situation! Your Save to Win account can be opened with as little as a $25 deposit.

  • Save to Win is a 12-month CD (Certificate of Deposit)
  • $25 minimum balance
  • Every $25 deposited counts as an entry into monthly and quarterly prize drawings (up to 10 entries per month, 30 per quarter)
  • Earn monthly dividends
  • No monthly service fee
  • $25 minimum deposit to open

It's easy to participate in Save to Win. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open a 12-month Save to Win share certificate with at least $25. This first deposit earns you an entry into the current month and quarterly drawings. (Must be 18-years or older)
  2. Make deposits into your share certificate each month. Every $25 deposit earns you an entry into the drawings, up to 10 prize entries per month.
  3. National prizes ranging from $25 to $5,000, and credit union prizes ranging from $25 to $250, will be awarded monthly and quarterly. For a complete list of national prizes click here. For additional prize information, refer to our official rules for details. 
  4. See your credit union's official rules for prize eligibility, payout information and other drawing details. 

“Save to Win changed my whole life. Save to Win has made me think about my savings and spending. It's just there, and I'm doing so much better. I have an emergency fund, I'm paying down my debt. I don't even know what the prizes are anymore, but, Save to Win, it's changed me; it's changed how I feel about my future." - Sadie M., Member at Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union, North Carolina 

"I had no expectation of winning but opened an account to get back in the habit of saving." - C.J., Member at Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union, Washington 

"I like the Save to Win certificate because it forces me to save." - Leann O., Member at Fibre Federal Credit Union, Washington

3 Quick Tips to Start Saving

Set your goal - Why is it important to set a savings goal? Research finds that people who have a set goal when it comes to savings have a higher success rate than those who choose not to.

Create a timeline - Having a large savings goal can seem overwhelming, making it easier to give up. But when you break down your large goal into a set of smaller goals, it’s that much easier to achieve. By setting a timeline, meeting your overall savings goal will be much easier. Your timeline for saving can be set up a few different ways: ?Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or on Paydays.

Set up automatic deposits or transfers – Just like loan or bill payments can be pulled automatically from your checking account, so can your Save to Win deposits! Automating your savings plan and your bill payments ensures everything is consistently paid, including saving for your future.