If you are a current member, you can refer a friend or relative to become a credit union member and be rewarded!

We appreciate when one of our members recommends our services to a relative, friend or co-worker. So as a "thank you" for your referral, we'll give you $10! That's right! If you tell someone where they can enjoy the benefits of credit union membership, we think you deserve a reward. Make sure your referral tells us who sent them (referral cards available at MACU). If they give us your name, we'll send you a nice, crisp $10 bill (after the account has been open for 90 days).

Because YOU, our members, are the #1 reason we're here!

Top Ten Reasons to Refer a Friend to MACU

  • Reason #10 – Your friend will thank you for it
  • Reason #9 – You get 10 bucks
  • Reason #8 – Low interest loans
  • Reason #7 – A nice, crisp $10 bill
  • Reason #6 – Free checking and then some
  • Reason #5 – Nice photo of Alex Hamilton (on your $10 bill)
  • Reason #4 – 5 great locations to serve you
  • Reason #3 – You'll have an extra $10 in your pocket
  • Reason #2 – No hassle to switch banks - we make it easy
  • Reason #1 – You get $10 for your good deed